Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

David Henwood has been continuously campaigning for the residents of Cowley’s views to have the LTNs (Low Traffic Neighbourhood) systems removed. 

With the backing of over 3000 residents to date (February 2022), David continues to fight for the removal of LTNs and ANPR cameras in the area. 

Air Quality Monitors have also proven that the system is ineffective in reducing carbon emissions. 

See and Sign David’s Petition to the council here.


Holding the council to account


  • The official Council LTN consultation returned a decisive majority against the LTNs – over 73% objected or had concerns – as an Independent I am the only candidate that will campaign for the Labour & Lib Dem run Councils to respect the democratic results of the consultation.
  • As confirmed by the official LTN Council report, the LTNs have increased congestion, pollution & journey lengths due to mass traffic displacement – they are neither green or fair.
  • Demand local consultation over any alternative future proposals using local creativity and listening to all residents.