Thank you for your Support!

Thank you to all those who placed their trust in me during the recent general election. Your vote, every single one, is deeply appreciated. I recognize the crucial role you played in this result, and I’m dedicated to representing your concerns and fighting for your interests. While I was disappointed in the overall election outcome, I am encouraged by the swing in my favor, especially considering the significant drop in Labour’s vote, down almost 10,000 from the 2019 general election. This shows that your voice is being heard, and I will continue to amplify it.
My primary focus now is to oppose the detrimental bus gates and Workplace parking levy (WPL) that Labour, LibDems, and the Greens plan to implement later this year. These policies threaten to cripple our local businesses and create significant obstacles for residents accessing vital services. Alongside the Independent Oxford Alliance, I am now turning my attention to the County elections in Littlemore and Rose Hill next year. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the needs and voices of all Oxford residents are heard and represented.

David Henwood



Independent Councillor for Rose Hill & Iffley

Parliamentary Candidate for Oxford East

Leader of the Independent Oxford Alliance

On May 2nd this year, David was elected your Independent councillor for Rose Hill and Iffley. The ward is home to Annelise Dodds and a former Labour stronghold.

David’s work is driven by the views of his community and voters. He has a proven track record of delivering successful political motions for Oxford and surrounding areas.

David is the City Council group leader of the Independent Oxford Alliance https://independentoxfordalliance.org/ He lives in Littlemore with his wife and two sons. He has served Oxford for over 13 years as both a city and parish councillor.

Labour has ignored the views of the community, opting to work with the LibDems and Greens in the introduction of an LTN scheme that has divided our community, reduced emergency response times, penalised the less able and contributed to the rise in pollution where we live, play and learn. David opposes the scheme and the introduction of bus gates that will introduce further congestion in the city.

“I will also oppose the county Councils parking levy for larger employers such as hospitals and schools, that will see key-workers pay an additional £600 to park their vehicle at their place of employment”.

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Statement on Palestine


Any sovereign nation has the right to defend itself, however, what we are seeing in Gaza is a military invasion kin to ethnic cleansing. The International community has been far too late in demanding an immediate ceasefire, and a withdrawal from Gaza.

What is happening Gaza today, isn’t a pathway to peace or reconciliation. The British government should seek an immediate UN resolution to introduce UN peacekeepers and aid workers to protect the civilian population of Gaza.

We must accept Britain has been part of the problem, and that future aid packages pending Palestinian approval should also include British engineers to help build the infrastructure that Gaza needs.

David Henwood