Independent Candidate for Rose Hill & Iffley


Sign our Independent petition to stop the Cowley LTN planters and remove the ANPR Cameras.

3,150 signatures in just 3 weeks.

David Henwood is your Independent candidate for Rose Hill and Iffley.

David’s work is driven by the views of his community and voters. He has a proven track record of delivering successful political motions for Oxford and surrounding areas.

David became an Independent candidate in November 2018. He lives in Littlemore with his wife and two sons. He has served Oxford for over 13 years as both a city and parish councillor.

During the day, David is inspiring and developing the minds of thousands of young people through his teaching career at The Oxford Academy. He teaches Product Design and pursues this as a hobby outside of work too. He is also the proud Main Editor and Author of Cowley News, which he brought back to the community in 2020.

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Keep a close eye on our website for updates, information and consultations from David. We regularly update this site with new information. Please get in touch today if you want to learn more.

Be Bold. Be Clear. Be Independent.

Opposing the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods


Why you should vote Independent in this election if you’re against the Cowley LTNs:


  • The official Council LTN consultation returned a decisive majority against the LTNs – over 73% objected or had concerns – as an Independent I am the only candidate that will campaign for the Labour & Lib Dem run Councils to respect the democratic results of the consultation.
  • As confirmed by the official LTN Council report, the LTNs have increased congestion, pollution & journey lengths due to mass traffic displacement – they are neither green or fair.

Click here to visit our page dedicated to the Cowley LTNs.