Cure COVID & Cancer? Yes, you can!

Imagine if I were to tell you that you can contribute to the cure of Cancer and COVID, just by downloading an application on your computer…

I’m not kidding… You really can help scientists by using your computer to process information, alongside millions of other computers worldwide. This is called Protein Folding. Read on for more information.

Anyone with a computer can contribute to finding a cure not only to Covid-19 but also to cancer, Alzheimer’s and other debilitating diseases. In early March I submitted an independent motion to council to release computing capacity to support Protein Folding is an active means of supporting efforts to combat Covid-19. Unfortunately, council meetings have been canceled, so the motion wasn’t heard.

Scientific research institutions often don’t have the computing capacity to run large analytical functions and rely more and more on protein folding with the public. All computers have a central processing unit (CPU) which is the logical thinking section of a computer’s silicon brain, then the graphics processing unit (GPU) is arguably its creative side, helping render graphical user interfaces into visually attractive images rather than reams of black and white lines.

By signing up to share the creative part of your computer (GPU), scientific research institutions can use your GPU, which are capable of performing a lot of simple mathematical operations very quickly, such as the many operations needed to simulate the complex environment inside human cells.

The software runs in the background, even when you are busy writing a document, playing a game on your computer or even when you sleep, you can contribute to medical research by signing up to this program called protein folding.

Many schools, offices, councils have computers doing very little at the moment, now would be a good time to consider protein folding as a means to collectively use our computer’s GPU’s potentially help develop a treatment for the covid-19 virus and other debilitating viruses and diseases.

To encourage protein folding I have written to every school in Oxford, to consider downloading the simple app, if you would like to consider protein folding please visit the Folding@Home site here.

Together, we can help fight deadly diseases like COVID-19, Alzheimer’s and Cancer.

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